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Parlor Panther

30 Jun

So there I was, waiting in the checkout line at the pet store, and I happened to see “Kittens USA 2011” — a magazine with a early but otherwise descriptive title. And at the bottom of the cover, I saw a cute little crazy face staring out at me — it looked like the kitten version of my dear Jerome. And it said “Bombay.” So I did some research, and have now clearly identified Dr. Jeromey as a “Chocolate British Bombay” cat.

Okay, okay, so I got him from the pound here in Springfield. I imagine that some wealthy family paid the $1000 fee to get him and then was turned off by his frequent colorful noises (yaaaaaoooooww, mee, mee, MEE, and eeeeek are some favorites, usually starting at 4:00 AM), so they let him roam free and he was picked up by the dog catcher.

I learned that the American Bombay (with copper eyes) preceded the British version (please note Jeromey’s piercing green eyes), and his little black toenails (they look like bakelite) are a key characteristic. They were bred to look like panthers that one could keep at home (hence the delightful parlor panther moniker). And if he wasn’t so zafty, his muscles would show.

Oh Jeromey, my little parlor panther!

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