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Handyman no-show….

8 Jun

This just in: a handyman who I found on Cragislist turned out to be unreliable and didn’t show up to start my bathroom remodel. I couldn’t reach him by phone or email, and I was desperate to get the pre-plumbing prep work done before the plumber and electrician (who are co-workers of a friend) came. So naturally I rechecked CL, but couldn’t find anyone who could come in my 30 minute window.

By the grace of God, I happened upon a neighbor who very generously agreed to help me take out the old sink (I would have probably flooded the house if I’d done it myself) and remove the strange beadboarded doorway. He finished *just* as the plumber arrived and the crisis was averted. I love my neighborhood.

So here are some photos of the absent sink and what was behind the beadboarded doorway (the drywall is behind the bookcase in the library). There’s a big hole in the floor that cats are having great fun exploring.

I managed to remove the small beadboard this morning from one wall where I’m hoping to have an electrical outlet (there has not been one in the bathroom in the past 8 years). I was disappointed to find just plaster behind it (I thought I might discover the wide paneling that’s in the rest of the room), but we did find an extra whole set of the regular beadboard behind the doorway, so I’ll be able to install that in the corner and make the walls seem much more uniform — yay!

More plumber work tonight and the electrician is en route now. I’ve asked the guys doing the sandblasting if they know of a handyman-type and they gave me the name of a relative who’s going to come by later this week to give me a price to do the stuff that the CL guy was going to do. We’ll see….

Sink refinishing

22 Feb

Wow. I had an old sink, covered in dirt, the porcelain eroded. Gross-o-rama. I read about powder coating on Door 16 and brought it to a powder coating shop in my city (Morini’s Performance Coatings, Springfield, MA). Here are the results: