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Water, smoke detector, bleah.

4 Apr

So. The new plastic waste pipe is installed — all four storeys of it. They did it in one day, which is great. The water that was not going down the pipes for several days did some pretty decent damage, though. A good bit of the ceiling in the powder room (first floor, the one with the discontinued leopard wallpaper) collapsed. A couple of sections of wall are gone in the second floor and in the stairway to the basement (that’s no biggie), and I need to let everything air dry out for several days to prevent moldification. Also lost a toilet seat due to a giant chunk of cast iron and ceiling falling on to it. No people or animals were hurt, so that’s okay.

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As all this mishegas was unfolding, my smoke detector system also began to malfunction. So at 7:20 yesterday morning (while I was in the tub), at 3:30 this morning, and again at 6:00 this morning, the piercing alarm rang out. Thank goodness the fire department only came that first time (I was in the tub and barely had the time to dress myself, never mind get on the phone, before they arrived). I’ve got an ADT tech coming tomorrow to fix the sitch. I think it’s a simple case of needing a new unit. After learning that the ADT technicians charge $150 for the first 30 minutes and then $39 per 15 minutes after that, I came to the conclusion that I’m in the wrong line of work and should really become an ADT tech in order to pay for my home improvement projects.

I really need a good night’s sleep with no collapsing ceilings or fire alarms. Also want to note that the dogs did not even get out of bed when the smoke detector was blaring a few feet away from their little pea brains.