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De-branding campaign

20 Jul

I’ve long been opposed to displaying the brand names of companies on my person unless they’ve paid me to be their spokesmodel (and so far none has). And for a while now, I’ve been removing the labels from everything store-bought in my bathroom (but have had to write “s” and “c” on shampoo and conditioner bottles, respectively) so as to calm the visual space and not to be faced with advertising in the privacy of my own loo.

My current campaign is to remove advertising/brand names from other household wares — starting with appliances. My first attempt was a great success — I removed the brand name from the outside of my fridge (the name belonged to a giant company that paid no taxes last year…). It was rather poorly attached with removable glue and a little adhesive pad and came right off with no marking of the fridge. Huzzah!

Though if that giant tax evading multi-national would like to pay me to display their logo, I would consider re-attaching it. (Jack Welch, if you’re reading this, as I’m sure you are, call me).

Tomorrow, I move on to the cooking machines…