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Paint it black

4 Jun

I’ve just returned from a fabulous vacation to Germany and Switzerland. I’ve dropped my film (yes — film!) off to be developed. I took lots of snaps of houses and buildings, and if they come out (I haven’t used my film camera in many moons, so I’m hoping it actually took the photos), I’ll post them here soon.

While I was gone, the sink legs that I had bought on e-bay for 80 bucks and the radiator that existed in the bathroom were being sandblasted and powder coated by the same folks who did my sink basin and are going to do (fingers crossed) my tub.

Here are some before and after photos of these fellers. Pretty impressive work they do at the old sandblasting place – all sorts of detail is visible on the radiator that I never noticed before.

If all goes well, the bathroom renovation by the pros starts monday… eek!


Sink refinishing

22 Feb

Wow. I had an old sink, covered in dirt, the porcelain eroded. Gross-o-rama. I read about powder coating on Door 16 and brought it to a powder coating shop in my city (Morini’s Performance Coatings, Springfield, MA). Here are the results: