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Painted brick wall, before and after

21 Jun

I think the painted brick looks FAB-U-LOUS! The room seems much more finished now. I love the navy color (it doesn’t come out accurately in my phone-photos). One day I’ll get a real digital camera and post some better photos.

In the meantime, all my money will be going into the bathroom. The plumber has been up there for three hours now…. $$$$….. sigh.

Bathroom break

20 Jun

There’s a leaking pipe in my bathroom, and the plumber is going to replace a bunch of the piping up there while he has the opportunity. The floor is going to be largely opened up, so I’m making an executive decision to re-do the subfloor. We (Walchek the plumber and I) also discovered a big hidey-hole under the bathroom. It’s full of lead pipes and lumber. No gold dubloons.

Anyway, I’m making use of the time I planned to be tiling the floor to instead paint the exposed brick wall in my home office. I’ve disliked the exposed brick in this room for the past eight years that I’ve lived here. I’ve wanted since day one to put up a plaster or drywall wall and paper it with a really neat wallpaper that has a black background and pastel-colored monkeys and hot air balloons. But I simply can’t afford that at the mo’. What I can afford is a can of paint, so I’m painting it.

I got a really cheap can of paint – $30.50 – Behr’s paint and primer all in one, flat interior paint, in Starless Night, a dark blue. Here’s the progress so far. I think it looks FABULOUS. I’m hoping to finish painting tonight, but I’m getting kind of tired, so it might be tomorrow. It needs two coats and even though I got a super deep nap roller, it requires a lot of brush work to get into the mortar.

I know people have strong feelings about painting brick. This was never meant to be exposed (someone knocked down the wall at some point in the 1980’s when exposed brick was all the rage), and I’ve always thought it didn’t fit with the elegant marble fireplace and generally finished look of the room. I really think the painted brick looks much better in this setting. The brick was old and dirty and flaky, and this looks much cleaner, too.