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A little slice of old New York

26 Apr

I went to NYC for the day on Saturday. Thanks to the Icelandic volcano, I saw the Magna Carta at the Morgan, along with a reproduction of the hours of Catherine of Cleves; David Mamet’s “Race” which left me with lots to think about; brushed past the naked people at MoMA to visit the Henri Cartier-Bresson show; and stumbled upon a very colorful Sikh Day parade.

But the only thing I took a phone-photo of was this:

Old water tower on building

Old water tower on building

A very old wooden water tower on top of a building. I believe this is the type of thing that lived on top of my house once upon a time feeding water to bath and kitchen. It’s rather fascinating to see such an old contraption (made of wood no less) that has survived the vagaries of time, weather, and fashion in the Big Apple. It’s on Fifth Ave near 33rd St.