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Corner repair, Gudenov style

4 Jul


So there I was, happily painting away when I came to this corner in the hallway. The wallpaper was completely unattached to the wall. Rather than just painting over it, I thought I’d take it off and paint the wall below, spackling over any rough spots.

Well. I discovered an ENORMOUS hole in the wall (four inches by 3 inches) and the plaster at the corner was in horrible shape. It was like pieces of gravel stacked on each other. No way to paint that and make it look remotely normal. So I went down into the creepy basement and got out a dented old can of putty (Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty, to be exact. What a weird web site). I’d used a combination of putty and plaster when I re-did the craft room walls many years ago (and plaster washers and wall liner and all sorts of other things to keep those walls from collapsing off the lath.).

I mixed up the putty and used it to fill the major hole and some of the biggest gaps in the corner. I had some leftover masonry/concrete waterproofing caulk from the stoop project, so I used that to cover some of the smaller cracks.

After the putty had dried, I sanded it down. I mixed up a batch of leftover plaster (thus using up what I had leftover of both the putty and the plaster) and skim coated over the putty and some of the caulk (as neither takes latex paint – it crumbles the putty and it beads up on the caulk). When I ran out of plaster, I used some spackle I also had in stock.

Gave it all a quick sand when it dried (this took several days overall) and painted it over. It’s nice and tight now, it’s painted green, and Bob is basically your uncle right here with this Gudenov leftover junk in the trunk corner repair project.