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26 Jan

Today was one of my favorite days. Evah! Three friends came over and wallpapered the stripey stairwell from the ground floor to the first floor. Some years ago (maybe 2011? August 2009, so four and a half years I’ve been trying to finish this!), I managed to wallpaper the downstairs entryway walls, ceiling, armoire, electric sockets, etc. with a wonderful black and white striped wallpaper (from York — pattern IN2803, in case anyone wondered). I had to stop at the stairwell due to my inability to reach the walls. I had tried to use one of those crazy bend-any-way ladders on the stairs to complete the papering, but it was way too scary. So after years of trying to pay someone to do it and their either (a) not coming or (b) being way out of my price range, I started asking friends if they’d help. I finally found two friends who said yes and who came with their own ladder even. And of course, trusty Liz, my wallpapering guru, also shared her time and talents.

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It took a total of three hours and my daring friend on the ladder also painted where I couldn’t reach with the teal. It looks so, so, so, so, so wonderful. I’ve just been standing there staring at it. What a quick transformation. This project was wonderful in and of itself, but what is also fabulous is that the guys have agreed to come back and work their magic on the other two stairwells. It is quite possible that my stairwells will be papered by the end of February. AMAZING!!!