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Paper hanging extravaganza

19 Feb

It has begun. The hallway project to end all hallway projects: hanging two different wallpapers (plus a chair rail of some sort) in the very tall, very inaccessible hallways on the 4th/3rd/2nd floors.

I began by scraping loose pieces of paper from the walls and paint from the trim. Then I removed the fire extinguisher hangers at the top of both stairwells and patched the holes (one patch is still in progress). Primed the walls with Kilz, as I feared that the 40 years of dinge, cigarette smoke, and home improvement dust (and regular old dust) might seep through to the pretty new paper.

Painted the moldings and doors and papered what I could on my own on the 4th floor, then called in some very brave and generous menfolk (the ones who did the stripey hallway a few weeks ago), one of whom clambered up on top of the scaffolding platform (Baker’s scaffold) I bought from Home Depot for this project. The platform cracked when stood upon. It was terrifying. AND we needed to put a 10 foot ladder on top of the scaffolding on the stairs. God bless that Patrick for having the guts to do that — he said he felt very comfortable on the platform, but I think the bystanders were plenty nervous.

I keep messing up with inserting the photos, so I’ll have to do separate posts.

Here are some before photos:

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