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What me worry?

26 Jan

I continue to be unemployed and bored, so am trying to do no-cost projects. I got this rather fabulous (and surprisingly heavy) papier-mache balloon at Savers a while ago, and got the red and gold braid specifically for it. I tried installing it with a variety of cup-hooks, but the balloon kept crashing to the ground. So I borrowed a much more substantial toggle-bolt ceiling plant hook from a friend and put it up with Jerome’s supervision (he’s just completed some OSHA training).

The braid looks hideous, so I’m going to root around in my wrapping paper collection for some nice fabric ribbon that I could use instead (and the braid is also clearly too short. I do love the look (except for the braid). I’m imagining the brick wall covered up with real wall and papered in this fabulous wallpaper I’ve seen that is a matte black with vibrant monkeys, hot-air balloons, and other circus-folk.

If/when I get a job, the wall will be a top priority.

So Jerome probably weighs around 15lbs, the balloon weighs about 2lbs, and the hook is supposed to hold 40 pounds. So even if he takes a flying leap and the balloon, I think it will hold and NOT bring down the entire ceiling. But I guess we’ll just wait and see.

Jerome and balloon