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New Year’s Resolutions

6 Jan

I have a big list of things I’d like to get down in my house in 2010 (funding permitting), but the two things that bug me every day are the exposed brick walls in the Monkey Room (my home office) and the Kitchen. I think of exposed brick as rustic and not refined at all. It just doesn’t fit in my very elegant office room. So I’m going to hire someone to install firring strips and dry wall and I’m going to paper over that one wall. I’ve seen a very elegant wallpaper that has a black field and monkeys in hot air balloons (really, it’s elegant) that I hope to find and install on that one wall.

The brick in the kitchen isn’t such a mis-match, but I just don’t like it. So I’m going to paint over it, and either tile the inside of the un-usable fireplace or install a period-appropriate fireback that I saw at Re-Store recently.

Both projects will probably happen in the summer.