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Summer of Closets Continues

7 Jul

One of the coolest (yet completely and utterly grossest) places in my house in the summer is the basement. Not, mind you, the ground floor of the house where the kitchen and monkey room are (though that floor is cool, too), but the actual basement. Dirt floor, spiders, dampness, old scythes and saws hung mysteriously on the walls, piles of bricks and dirt probably hiding centipedes — that basement.

As you, dear reader, can perhaps gather, this basement is not my favorite place to be. So I go there as little as possible. But I do have to go there to access my paint collection (for the other closets) and I also keep a broom and mop and vaccuum on the landing to the basement. After the plumbing collapse, this little landing got a lightbulb – yay — and also got trashed by the water and collapse (boo).

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So I figured it was the coolest closet-space I could work on today, and I finally had at it. Took an enormous bag of junk and rubble out, swept it right up, put back the stuff I actually use in a way I can reach it, and even hung one of my million and one fire extinguishers on the wall (and brought another one down to the basement).

I think I’ll try to make some sort of shelving unit on the studs to keep other cleaning stuff there and maybe hang some stuff on nails, but for now, it’s really handy and clean. It was very gross and dirty, but took all of 45 minutes — I love doing stuff I’ve been putting off forever. Three cheers for heat wave productivity!

Marble sink clean up

31 Jan

I’ve decided that I can no longer stand my bathroom’s condition. My plan was to somehow come into about $20,000 and re-do my own bathroom plus add a guest bathroom on the top floor of the house sometime in the next two years. I’ve decided to revise that plan, and am going to shelve the guest bath plan for now and focus on re-doing my own bathroom as cheaply as possible.

So here’s today’s step towards re-doing the bathroom: cleaning up the marble sink top that was in the basement as much as I could. I had some marble and granite cleaner from Home Depot and some liquid marble polish. This was the best I could do with the tools at hand. It will need some professional help (and the basin will need a whole re-porcelain job), but I thought seeing it everyday would inspire me.