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As done as it’s gonna be in 2010

3 Nov

I did the final bit of heat gun paint stripping to the pocket doors today, and cleaned ’em up and put ’em back in the wall. I have to say that they slide in their pockets much more easily now that all that paint is off ’em. They must have been precision manufactured and didn’t allow for those extra millimeters of space (Springfield, Mass, of course, was the center of precision manufacturing and machining back in the 19th century b/c of all the talent that came from the Armory).

I’m not going to sand them this year. I will look forward to that project once heating season is over (April 1, 2011, barring sub-zero April days). So it’s all cleaned up and nice and tidy in the living room (parlor — must call it parlor), and dining room. And it’s waaaaarrrrmmmm. How nice to have heat! It was getting ridiculously cold in here.

I’d like to note that I’m typing this post wearing my new bi-focals. I picked them up today. The youth at the opticians advised me not to do “anything crazy like rushing up stairs” while my aged eyes get accustomed to them. I’m looking forward to the moment (youth says in a week or so) when the blurry line between the two realms of near and distant vision disappears.

I have decided that I will now answer “over 40” to the question of my age for the rest of my life. I like to think that I look young for my age right now (though the bi-focals will just kill that foolish notion). I keep hearing the optometrist saying “well, you’re over 40 now, and your eyes are turning into marbles. There’s no avoiding reading glasses. Your eyes will just continue to decline.” On behalf of me and my marbles, thanks. So now, “over 40” may elicit the odd surprised reaction. But as time goes on, when I’m really extremely over 40 (God willing), it may elicit the odd bemused reaction (say, when I’m 80). It’s a long pay-off for a joke, but what else have I got to do?