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6 Aug

Here I am crossing “bathroom” off my list (with stain-stained fingers). Please note proposed completion date of June 2010. If I weren’t unrealistically optimistic about the time frame of doing stuff around the house, I’d never start a project, and hence never finish a project.

And here are photos of the stained and linseed oiled door to the bathroom. I need to get a key for the lock and do something about the door rosettes (they’re kind of rusty, so i may paint rather than polish them). The inside of the door has a lot of varnish that I stained over as I just couldn’t get it off. It gives it an interesting effect (called good-ah-freakin’-nuff, registered trademark of Gudenov Construction, Inc.). But overall, really not so shabby. Kind of shabby, but not so shabby. And what’s best? It’s DONE!!!!!!!!

Demonic possession

26 Apr

So there I was, happily finishing the first round of sanding the beadboard in my bathroom… ready to clean things up, put things away for a bit, and live a life free of power tools and lead-filled dust. And then I thought I’d have a go at the window sill. The paint was so lumpy, I thought to myself, “Self, just take the paint off the sill. It will look so nice without those lumps.” So I did.

Then I looked at the window itself and thought, “Self, that paint is in bad shape. Let’s see what the wood’s like underneath it.” So I did.

Then, as if possessed by a devil — or possibly with my brain function greatly diminished by intense lead paint poisoning — my hand and the heat gun in it made its way over to the window frame. Oh yes, I thought to myself, “Self — don’t bleeepin’ do it! It’s too much work! STOP!” But…. I did it.

So now I’m committed to removing all the paint around the window, which will likely lead to the same around the real door and the door to nowhere. Why didn’t I leave well enough alone? I blame some sort of devil. Blasted devil!

But the wood will look LOVELY once it’s all sanded and repainted. I found detail I never knew existed under all those layers of paint.

Project without end.

Powder room that roars

9 Sep

I’m not a good photographer, so please forgive the photos. I see so many photos of people’s homes on their own blogs that look tremendously crisp and amazing and professional. And then I try to do that at home and I get washed out colors from the flash, or a totally dark room with no flash… and forget about those crazy close ups other people do. Oh well!

Here are some mediocre photos of my quite fabulous powder room. This is on the ground floor (where the kitchen, home office, stripey hallway and door to the dirt-floor basement can be found). When I moved in in 2002, it was a full bath, with a pink-ish tub and shower where the washer and dryer now live. I believe it was all white (since everything in the house was all white when I bought it), but for some reason I have blocked it out of my mind.

My inspiration for this room was the brown pedestal sink ($50) and black granite floor tiles ($1.00 each) that I bought at my local Re-Store. (BTW, I’ve decide to post the costs of things, since I would want to know if I were reading this blog). Then I went brown on the walls. Brown paint, that is. And I thought I would do some sort of glazed finish. It was like sitting inside someone’s colon, and strangely unconducive to a bathroom.

So then I found some wallpaper… ooo la la — leopard and architectural froo fraas. I don’t remember the makers or the precise cost, but it was around $300. So I hired someone to do the wallpapering, which cost more than the wallpaper (around $400.) It was after that experience that I decided to learn how to wallpaper. 🙂

I wanted to hide the washer and dryer, and considered painting them in a camoflauging leopard pattern, but thought better of it and found some fabric to make drapes. I looked everywhere for a matching leopard fabric, and finally settled on this nice soft one (kind of furry, but not in a gross troll doll sort of way) at Jo-Ann’s fabric ($40.00 with a discount coupon). The ceiling curtain rod is from Ikea and cost maybe $5.00

Then I realized that the ceiling was incredibly plain (it was white — gasp!). I started wallpapering with leopard scraps, thinking I would easily buy another roll if/when I ran out. So of course I ran out and the paper was no longer available. Plan B: remove the paper, don’t bother cleaning up the glue, and paint it with gold paint resulting in an interestingly textured ceiling.