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My kitchen

9 Sep

My kitchen is really nice. My house had been a boarding house for single men since at least the 1930s. Each room had its own gas stove and sink. Hence, no need for a kitchen. In the room that has become my lovely kitchen, there was a barely-used all-in-one sink-stove-fridge dealie (now in the butler’s pantry, q.v.). And a table. That’s it! So, flush with money from the sale of my old house, I hired a very inexpensive contractor and bought a lot of nice stuff. It took six months for the ground floor of my house to be redone, but it was worth every minute of agony, microwaved popcorn, and drinking out of the bathroom sink.

This is the only white ceiling in the house… it’s definitely time for a fresh coat of paint on the walls, and I think the ceiling may need to get some color when that happens (next summer though, I’m done with painting for the year).