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Bar (before)

13 Aug

Until very recently, I have had a home bar. I do (or at least used to do) a lot of entertaining in my big house, and used to host an annual neighborhood party for between 50 — 125 people. The home bar came in very handy for such events. A few years ago I quit drinking (but not entertaining), so the room was only used every few months. Recently, I decided to move my business from an office downtown to my home (nearly downtown), as the majority of my work is done at the workplace of clients or over the Internet.

The best room to become an office seemed, to me, to be the largely unused bar. So from Monkey Bar to Monkey Business, the room is evolving. These are some before photos of the room. The orange walls and red ceiling and wainscotting, plus the severe darkness (it’s a London-level half-below-ground room) make it seem horrendously glaringly orange, but it’s much nicer in person.