The Halls — They’re Done!

14 Apr

After 12 long years (actually they sort of flew by) of looking at the dingy hallways and grotty stairs, I now have gorgeous, lovely, clean and beautiful walls, creamy spindles, and squishy green carpet. Hip, hip, hooray!

The carpet was installed on Wednesday and it looks quite beautiful. The installation was a bit of an ordeal, and the work scratched up the paint on all the baseboards (so they had to be repainted) but it’s done now.

There is a bit of a rest home chic to the whole appearance, but it’s working for me. Painting the spindles was a tremendous ordeal. There are still some spots here and there that I missed, but I’ve decided they add character. The members of Flaw-Pointers International (certain friends who hone in on imperfections) can go to hell and just leave me alone, because I think it all looks great.

Here are some photos of the transformation>

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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