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Wallpaper progress on my 12th anniversary in the house

28 Feb

I moved into my wonderful dream home twelve years ago today. My how time flies! I don’t have any photos of the house when I first arrived (due to a 2006 computer crash that cost me all the photos from 2002 – 2006), but let me tell you, it looked a lot different. All the walls were white (except for the hallways, which were papered in a dingy damask). Most of the floors were painted brown with lead paint or had very gross industrial carpet on them. There was no kitchen. Most of the rooms had live gas for a stove and a couple had wall-mounted sinks. (My house had been a rooming house for single men for nearly 70 years and each man did his cooking in his room). There was one bathroom.

I had grand plans to totally renovate the house from roof to basement in ten years. I also had a job that paid about double what I’ve been earning for the past several years, so needless to say, my plan did not go according to plan. But even though the ten-year mark was two years ago, I have kept up a fairly steady pace of renovations, plugging away and doing what I could (or what I foolishly thought I could) do on my own and hiring people to do what I couldn’t.

Ever since I moved in, I’ve longed to do the hallways/staircases over. They were dingy. The paper was peeling. The walls were cracked. The stairs were painted brown with strange (but functional) black rubber stair treads. And now, twelve years on, they are nearly finished!

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Good friends are coming tomorrow to risk their necks hanging the paper (and prepping the wall) in that terrible coffin corner. Then I’ll have a bit of touch up painting to do, and our work will be done. I know what needs to be done for the chair rail installation, but I do not have the patience, skills, tools, or ability to do it. So I’m going to hire a handyman for that and hope it will be done in March.

Am also going to start painting the stair treads and spindles this month, in anticipation of choosing a carpet for the stairs and having it installed in May.

This wallpapering makes me deeply, profoundly, inexpressibly happy. It looks great and I am SOOOOO grateful to my several friends without whom I could not have done it (sounds like an Oscar acceptance speech). So lucky to have great, daring friends!!!