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Ceiling repair underway

25 Sep

The tin ceiling is down and some sturdy drywall is up. What is the difference between sheetrock and drywall? I have no idea and I use the words interchangeably. I wasn’t home when the tin came down, but the guy who did the work said the stuff had the consistency of wet cardboard (while not being wet) and it basically shredded in his hands. It was also covered in black gunk — mold? soot? Who knows.












So it was not salvageable for future installation in other rooms. Oh well. The mudding up of the new ceiling and sanding down of the atrocious stairwell ceilings begins tomorrow.











I love making lists — here’s my hallway repair list. Once the ceilings are all fancified, I’m going to find it very difficult to look at the dreadful walls and wait wait wait to be able to afford to fix them up. Oh money, I wish there was more of you.


Ceiling repair

22 Sep

We’ve had a difficult few months here at Townhouse Turnaround and there hasn’t been much home improvement. My dear sweet cat Jerome died on July 30th. He had feline leukemia and became very suddenly extremely ill. He’d been tested for it and vaccinated against it, but the vets think it must have been dormant in his little system. They tried extraordinary measures to save his dear little life, but couldn’t in the end. He was only seven, and I’d had him for only four short years. It’s been a huge loss; he had an enormous presence and personality. Everyone who met him loved him and he followed me everywhere. I miss him terribly.

I also fell down the cellar stairs in late August and sprained one knee and the other ankle, so I’ve been hobbing around for a month. I was lucky to walk away with such minor damage to my aged frame, and everything’s healing up on its own now, so I’m thanking my lucky stars and getting back to things around the house.

Next up is some work that a professional will be tackling — ceiling repair. Here are some before photos:

The pro will be removing the tin ceiling on the top floor and replacing it with sheetrock. He will also repair the crumbling ceiling and walls on the fourth and third floors, including the treacherous under the stairwell business. NB: everything looks worse in reality than it does in those photos. The halls are horrid and this is going to make things much better.

And then I’ll “just” have to come up with the funds for the wallpapering and the halls will be finito!