The trouble with contractors

13 Apr

I don’t know what it is with contractors. At the end of the job, they always seem to slack off and do poorer work. Do they know that you’re really fed up with them disrupting your routine and making a mess and you just want them to leave? Do they know you’ll just pay them and go and not make them do things the right way? Are they just sick of the job and stop caring? Who knows. Does this happen with other people or is it just me? I find that just about everyone I hire to do something around the house starts off doing quality work and then slacks off towards the end.

So it went with these guys, who did a really crappy and not satisfactory job of closing up the ceiling in the ground floor (leopard) bathroom. No sanding, not enough plastering (joint compounding), big gaps between the ceiling and wall, and they bought the cheapest and flimsiest toilet seat in the world to replace the one that was broken by falling debris. Sigh. Luckily, what they didn’t do is within my skillset, but I really wasn’t planning on spending the weekend plastering and sanding. Whatever, they’re gone, I can finish it, and THEN I can clean, but it’s disappointing. 

Non-finished ceiling.

Non-finished ceiling.

Non sanded joints.

Non sanded joints.

A light, yay!, Non-removed ceiling and non-anti-mold painted wall, boo.

A light, yay!, Non-removed ceiling and non-anti-mold painted wall, boo.

Whole lotta debris.

Whole lotta debris.

Where ceiling doesn't meet wall.

Where ceiling doesn’t meet wall.

One Response to “The trouble with contractors”

  1. Danielle April 13, 2013 at 10:51 am #

    Oh wow. That looks like they DID just give up. The debris is probably the most telling. What a simple, quick thing to clean up. You seem to be dealing with it a lot better than I would be, ha ha! Hope it isn’t too much work for you 😦

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