Project Budget

25 Mar

My goal in putting in this bathroom was to spend no more than $5,000. Let’s see how I did.

Free:   Brand-new bathtub (still in protective film)

Free:   Nearly new sink and faucets

Free:   Vintage toilet from a friend’s house (thanks Liz)

Free:   Paint and painting supplies (had them on hand in the basement)

Free:  Cute little white shelf (thanks Liz!)

$4,240: Plumbing, electrical, construction, including materials (including the tile) and including a $300 charge for fixing the blocked waste pipe that started backing up during the construction and also replacing a big piece of leaking cast iron pipe in another bathroom. (So really $3940 on just this bathroom, but we’ll call it $4240).

$30:  Miscellaneous plumbing pieces needed to make the loo work (fill valve, special flush valve, tank bolts, etc.)

$27: Shower curtain, liners, and rings.

$29: L-shaped shower curtain rod

$4 : Rattan trash can

Free: London Underground print from my collection

$7:  Bathmat, mirror, and sheer curtain.

Free: Milking stool, hair dryer, fancy ceramic Q-Tip holder (thanks Elaine!)

$4337: Grand Total.

I think we can all agree that this is incredibly reasonable and fabulous. I do think about putting in a tin ceiling, pulling out the skirting boards and replacing them with nicer ones and fixing the window trim and painting the floor, but I’m in no hurry for any of that (and even if I do all those things, it will likely not cost more than $700, keeping me on my under $5,000 budget).

I’m dead chuffed! Love it, love it, love it, and hope the weekend guests will start rolling in!


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