Forward, ever forward.

20 Mar

I went over to Haberman’s Hardware in Holyoke today (on High Street, for another H). This is what all hardware stores should be. Earlier in the day, I had called a large and well-known local plumbing supply company looking for the 2.5″ flush valve mechanism needed for my 50 year old toilet. They had no idea what I was talking about and asked me to bring in a photo of the tank. Then I had the brilliant idea to go to Haberman’s and the behind the counter knew EXACTLY what I was talking about and even stated that the tank had a built-in ceramic overflow (I mentioned this to the guy at the plumbing place and he had no idea what that was). The Haberman’s guy fixed me up with all the necessary pieces and I am in the process of hooking it all up. Unfortunately, the guys who did the bulk of the work stuck a faucet supply hose on the toilet, so I have to go get a toilet supply hose (a different type of nut on toilet ones vs. faucet ones) before I can hook everything up and test it out.

Yep, I know what all those plumbing pieces do AND where to put them!

Yep, I know what all those plumbing pieces do AND where to put them!

I’m kind of glad that the guys who did the work left some things undone, because now I get to learn about removing faucet screens and installing a variety of vintage toilets. I must say that I felt pretty darn handy when I waltzed into Haberman’s and asked questions about plumbing stuff, then understood what the guy was telling me, and had a really technical discussion about the parts of a toilet. Haberman’s guy also solved the problem of the shower curtain rod support — the one that came with the Home Depot bracket was too long, so he looked through everything and found me a piece of threaded pipe that was the same diameter and then cut it to my precisely measured dimensions (I am known for measuring HORRIBLY), but miracle of miracles, it fit! Yay! So I was able to hang up the shower curtain and liners (I used two and overlapped them) that I picked up at Target (which now carries groceries in the Holyoke Mall location — and they’re cheap!). I also got clear plastic shower curtain rings which have always been fascinating and elegant to me. And thrifty, which is a nice change.

Shower curtain!

Shower curtain!

Lastly, I swabbed on a bit of the paint used to paint the front stoop last Spring — it will be the wall color. I think I’ll do the pastel mint green as a trim color.

Paint color.

Paint color.

So, next up — get the correct supply line, test out the toilet, and start prepping the walls and ceiling for painting. I’d love to get all this done by Sunday. Let’s we see.

Here’s a picture of Trixie hanging out in the guest room while I puttered around in the toilet:

Trixie taking a staycation in the guest room.

Trixie taking a staycation in the guest room.


2 Responses to “Forward, ever forward.”

  1. Danielle Bourdon McCauley March 20, 2013 at 7:59 pm #

    Wow, you’re FEARLESS! The blue and the mint colors look so nice together, too!

    Well done on the toilet parts front. I’ll have to remember Haberman’s for the next plumbing event here. We recently had our kitchen faucet freak out, but no one could help with the part that did the breaking. We ended up replacing the whole thing, which is nice, but still more expensive than we had planned on. It’s nice to hear about the local shops who have knowledgeable employees.

    • Erica Walch March 20, 2013 at 8:06 pm #

      Yeah, Haberman’s was fantastic. I’d never been there before, but I know a lot of old house people go there. So much better than the Depot or Rocky’s in terms of expertise and parts on hand.

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