Bathroom update (Saturday)

9 Mar

I guess this is day eight — they started last Friday, but had a couple of days off this past week. So the new target completion date is this coming Friday (3/15).

I took it upon myself to finish skim coating the kitchen wall (just to get it done so I could clean the kitchen). I just need to give it a quick sand and can paint it tomorrow.

I’m hoping they’ll be taking care of the butler’s pantry wall tomorrow.

They look to have made a lot of progress in the bathroom today — the sub-floor is in around the toilet and tub and the framing is in for the new wall in front of the vent pipe and around the toilet — I couldn’t really get a photo of the toilet cubby (nowhere to stand), but it looks really neat!

The guys weren’t here when I came home, so I don’t know what’s next on the agenda, but it’s great to see so much progress today.

In bathroom related news, I went to Ventfort Hall in Lenox today — one of my favorite house museums — and took a tour that brought us into a ground floor bathroom (bathrooms on the mind, me) that included (as did all the bathrooms in this house) a tiny recessed light powered by METHANE gas that the architects/planners/homeowners (Sarah Morgan, sister to JP) had installed to recycle the methane gas and provide a little eternal flame. What???? So weird, so cool, so needed in my house.

Here are the latest snapshots:

Another view of the framing.

Another view of the framing.

Butler's pantry wall ready to be helped.

Butler’s pantry wall ready to be helped.

Bathroom floor reinforced.

Bathroom floor reinforced.

Kitchen wall patched up

Kitchen wall patched up

Bathroom framing

Bathroom framing


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