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Day Five and Six: (Tuesday/Wednesday)

6 Mar

So the sewer issue was taken care of, thank heavens. It took an entire day of junk removal and digging in dirt, digging in the sewer and other unmentionable tasks. I feel awful that they had to deal with that, but am so grateful they were here when it needed to be done. I fear that the house doesn’t like all the banging and stuff and is reacting by shorting out wires and backing up sewage pipes. Sorry, house. I’m doing it for you!

Anyway, here’s today’s and yesterday’s progress: the hot and cold water pipes are in place all the way to the top floor, the drain is in place, the shower/tub trim and valves are purchased, the light fixture arrived from ebay, the floor is blocked and ready to bear the weight of the tub and loo, and the kitchen and butler’s pantry are being closed back up and drywalled. So in pretty good shape. I think it’s not going to be done by Friday, but there we are.

And here we are with some pictures:

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