Deerfield Day Trip

23 Feb

I went up to Historic Deerfield last Saturday for a little dose of Colonial and early 20th century history. I’ve been there many times, but had somehow never made it into the Flynt Center for Early American History before. What a great museum! There were three exhibits on: Revolutionary War carved powder horns (like scrimshaw — very interesting and surprising contemporary echos in hipster line art), domestic fabrics and clothing from Mrs. Flynt’s collection, and 18th and early 19th century furniture. They were all fabulous!

I also got to go into the Thayer House, which was bought by a Miss Baker in 1890 as a summer house where she lived with her two companions, also single ladies. They helped cultivate the cottage industries of Deerfield around the turn of the century, which saw the ladies (and some men, notably a prolific blacksmith) of the town doing “old-fashioned” crafts that brought tourists and dollars to the local economy. Kind of like Brooklyn today.

More photos to come…

2013-02-16 10.36.29 2013-02-16 10.40.52 2013-02-16 10.40.14 2013-02-16 10.40.05 2013-02-16 10.37.00 2013-02-16 10.37.11 2013-02-16 10.39.52 2013-02-16 10.40.01 2013-02-16 10.36.48 2013-02-16 11.42.24 2013-02-16 11.44.09 2013-02-16 11.44.04 2013-02-16 10.48.57

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