Improving one’s penmanship

29 Dec

I used to have quite regular and rather charming handwriting. I wrote daily in a journal and regularly corresponded by letter with several friends and relatives. Alas, dear reader, the times have changed and my penmanship with them. I was writing thank you notes yesterday (for the lovely and generous gifts I was fortunate enough to receive at Christmas) and was struck by how ugly my penmanship had become. So I decided to improve my penmanship. I made it my sole resolution for the new year and decided to get a head start on this by beginning right away.

Despite the Internet having been the prime cause for the diminution in the quantity and quality of my writing by hand, it does offer the student of penmanship several handy (ha ha) lessons. To wit:;view=toc;c=nietz

I went out and got an old-fashioned composition book today and have started with “The Art of Penmanship: How to become a handsome writer” (the first link) and can’t even draw a proper oval more than twice in a row. But I fear not, and have great expectations that I shall prevail and develop a handsome and elegant hand. One web site (and probably all those books) insisted on slowing down, using proper penmanship at all times (grocery lists, etc.) and assuming the position of erect torso and loose wrist when putting pen to paper. I shall comply!

Very pleased to have undertaken this simple pleasure and am looking forward to having the prettiest shopping list in all of Springfield.


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