Old house research

15 Dec

I’m trying to find out whatever I can about the previous owners and previous inhabitants of my beloved home. Someone told me I once that I was only the fifth owner of the house (140 years of existence) and I thought it would be neat to learn about the others who lived here.

I’ve only been able to go back definitively to 1923, and here’s what I’ve got so far:

me (2002 – present)

Hugh & Sally Mitchell (1978 – 2002)

The Nelson Family (1923* — 1978)

The Nelson matriarch was Sina Nelson, who although she was married to Edward Nelson, was always listed as sole owner of the house. There was some strange shifting of title in the 1920s with the Midvale Realty Trust being formed and the house being sold back and forth, but she appears to have been the owner from 1923 onward (she died in 1963 and left it to her son Olaf and his sister Edith who lived in California and sold her share in the house to Olaf and his wife Claire).

In 1923, Sina bought the house from William H. Laird of Royalton, VT (not sure if this was part of those strange shuffles or if he was a genuine owner). The sale was for $1.00 (this was the first of two of Sina’s $1.00 purchases that I discovered) plus payment of property taxes and included

the folloeing articles of personal property: 1 kitchen range, 1 gas plate, 1 gas heater, 1 brass bed complete, 5 iron beds complete, 4 couch beds complete, 1 chiffonier, 1 linen chest, 2 commodes, 1 vaccum cleaner, 1 hall rack, and stand, 1 mirror and linoleum in bath room, 7 dressers, 5 tables, 16 pictures, 11 chairs, 3 rocking chairs, 8 rugs, 1 carpet, 1 pair draperies, 4 metal ash cans, 1 coal shovel, 1 snow shovel, 1 axe, shades and all screenes for windows and back door screens.

This says to me that the house was already a rooming house at that time. I love the olde englishe spelling.



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