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Draft dodgers

21 Oct

You may have noticed that I haven’t really posted anything here in some time. That’s because I haven’t been doing any house projects. I’m working like a fiend right now (saving up for heating oil bills) and the only decorative thing I’ve been doing is needlepointing.

How some ever, last weekend a couple of friends came over and we had a little sewing group to work on creating draft dodgers — those rolls of fabric filled with (in this case) kitty litter that you put on your windows and doors to try to keep the drafts out (see heating oil).

I managed to make four — enough for the two windows in the parlor. I have all the sewing gear and kitty litter sitting there and am hoping to get up the gumption to do more soon-ish. The parlor and dining room are by far the coldest rooms in the house, so getting those done is my first priority. I hope to sew two for all the windows in the house (22 windows, so 44 dodgers) plus some for some of the closed off rooms’ doors this fall/winter. We’ll see how that goes.

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Miles Redd has a book coming out!!!

13 Oct

I love the work of interior decorator Miles Redd. He is my favorite decorator of all time and the best thing is he’s young and alive, so I have lots more wonderful interiors to await from him! The besty best thing is that he’s coming out with a book!!! I just read all about it in an article in I cannot WAIT to see it!

There is something so recognizable about his style and it stands out from other contemporary decorators. When I’m flipping through a magazine or website and I see a room that really catches my eye, wows me, and makes me think — cor blimey, I’d love to live there – five’ll getcha ten it was decorated by Mr. Miles Redd.

Better than Brimfield!

8 Oct

Every year, the town of South Hadley, Mass has a town-wide tag sale (and a craft fair on the town common). There is a central hub of activity at a church in the middle of town and individual families put their old stuff out for sale on their lawns up and down just about every street in the town. I have always had good luck in years past and this year was no exception. Here are my spoils:

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  • three vintage footstools ($4.00 ea. = $12)
  • a safety ladder that I hope I’ll never need to use ($10)
  • an Oreck portable canister vac for quick clean ups and vacuuming the stairs ($5.00)
  • a birthday gift for a friend who loves chickens and roosters ($3.00)
  • a tiny head for my head collection, a tolle tray pin, a diamond brooch ($1.50)
  • a big ceramic urn found on the side of the road (free)
  • Grand total: $31.50 – woo hoo!

Sooo much better than Brimfield! And we had freshly fried apple cider donuts — yummmy!