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Love my dogs?

18 Aug

I’ve started a tumblr blog (I know, I know — a tumblr blog AND an iPhone — I’m entering the 21st century!) with photos of Trixie and Taggy (and the cats if they feel like it): Check it out if you want to see pictures of those two fool dogs doing fool dog things.

Blue on blue

18 Aug

I often have tunes pop into my head and become associated with people or situations or things. Right now, I’ve got Bobby Vinton’s “Blue on Blue” running through my mind. “Mood Indigo” is my back fence theme song. I’m all about blue.

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I just had the canopy over the door fixed and painted and a touch up painting of the windows on the 2nd floor (aka “Parlor Level”). The guy did a great job. He mentioned that there were a lot of spiders. Ick. I’ll definitely be hiring him for other handyman projects. Really good work, really neat, and a nice guy.

So now I have the nicest stoop in the hood! My pictures are not so great, but fear not, dear readers, I have just ordered an iPhone (finally joining the smart-phone world) and it has an 8 mpx camera (as opposed to my 4 mpx camera — which was pretty fancy in 2006, okay?). So I should be able to take better pictures soon and upload them without all these wires and things.