Stripping the kitchen door

21 Jul

One of the last remaining projects on my list for this summer is to strip the awful old paint off the inside and outside of my kitchen door, get the two plexiglass panels replaced with real glass, give it a good sanding, and paint it up. Today was famous paint stripping weather, so I got started.

My tried and true stripping process is: Step One: use the heat gun and get as much off as possible. Step Two: go over the goopy old varnished bits again with the paint gun. Step Three: use a power sander. Step Four: use chemical peeler to get off anything that remains IF you’re going to stain it. If you’re going to paint it, skip step four and go straight to patching (if you’re fancy) and painting.

So today I did Step One on the bottom 3/4 of the exterior side of the door (opted to keep it on the hinges so I can lock up at night). You’ll note wide swaths of leaden blue that remain. They are one with the door and will be basically invisible when the door is painted. No need to get hung up on getting smooth bits off when the object is to repaint the door.

Oftentimes people wonder, “what do they mean when they say look for ‘laddering’ to determine if you have lead paint?” Please examine exhibit A for some fine examples of laddered old lead paint. I’ve been using the gun without a mask, because I believe that lead dust only effects babies. My last remaining brain cell may disagree.

Voila’: Hope to finish the gun portion of both sides tomorrow. My sander died when I did the pocket doors last summer, so have to get a new one before I can get to Step Three.

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