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More in-progress shots of the hallway-subacqua

30 Jun

When the light shines in through the glass in the front door, it feels like the hallway is underwater — it’s a beautiful glowing acqua color.

None of these photos really shows the true color, but here they are anyway. Please note the invaluable help being provided by the pets.

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The ceiling is a semi-gloss color called Spring Melt (Martha Stewart), but I think it’s too light and I may have to re-do it at some point. I’m reserving judgement until I have another light in the hallway. It looks kind of dingy, but it may just be the lighting situation.

I’ve decided to go back to plan A and just wallpaper the other wall after the plumbing project is done (when I suddenly come into a big pot of money). Hello… universe? I could really use $8,000. Thanks. (Let’s see what happens.)