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Purple Parlor

18 Jun

Has every Victorian house had a purple room at some point in its history? Perhaps. Mine does now. A purple parlor. I painted the living room over the weekend. After I put in the white carpet in the dining room, I found the red living room a bit too dark and oppressive. I went with Martha Stewart’s “Violet Aster” in the new (I guess) Behr “self-priming flat enamel” — not to be confused with the Behr paint and primer in one. What’s the difference? Who knows. Nobody at Home Depot knew. But the paint was lovely and went on very nicely. I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of the pets.

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I used a gallon plus a quart (I could have done it with a gallon if I did it all in one day and didn’t waste paint in the clean-up process) and put on two coats. With the paint and two roller covers (which I treat as single-use disposable items), it cost about $55 and maybe six hours of work (hard to say, because I took a lot of socialization breaks). I looooooove the color — the room seems very bright and airy. And Rod and Darlene look great in purple, too!