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28 May

Here’s my new true blue stoop!

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It took one weekend to fill the cracks and put on two coats of Drylok oil-based masonry paint with portland cement. This stuff was heaaaavy on the brush (due to the cement, natch) and stunk to high heaven, but it’s promised to keep things dry over there. Fingers crossed.

It took another weekend (this one, Memorial Day weekend) to paint the doors and the stoop. It might have gone faster if I hadn’t stopped to chat with everybody and their brother (and their dogs) that stopped by. As one friend said, “you’re never alone when you’re painting your stoop.” True dat. I love chatting so I had a great time shooting the breeze with everyone.

Total cost: $215 (plus 16 32 [math is hard!] hours of my labor)  

  • 2 gallons Drylok oil-based with cement: $60 (have a smidgen left over)
  • miscellaneous foam, caulk, patch stuff: $15 (have a lot left over)
  • one brush: $10 (will last a few more years at least)
  • 2 gallons Behr exterior paint/primer combo: $60
  • 4 quarts Behr exterior paint/primer combo: $70

Paint colors: Martha Stewart’s Azurite (main darker blue), Darkening Sky (lighter blue on trim) and Tailor’s Chalk (to be seen on canopy)

I LOVE the way it came out. It REALLY stands out from the others (now I can just say, come to the blue door to my guests). Nearly everyone who passed by said how great they thought it looked. Not everyone, but nearly everyone. 🙂