Carpet prep

12 May

Well, I got a call from the carpet installation guys yesterday saying they had a cancellation for today (Saturday), if I’d like the dining room carpet installed today instead of next Thursday. Seeing as this meant I wouldn’t have to take a day off work, I quickly assented.

Liz was kind enough to help move the stuff out and has offered to help move the stuff back in after they arrive.

I had already planned an Indian food dinner (full of reds and greens and browns) for tonight. I had initially thought that we’d all move into the dining room if it wound up being too cold to eat outside, but no way are all those colors going to be eaten on top of my cream colored rug on day one, so all guests will have to cram into the kitchen if it starts raining. Or wear booties and bibs.

Here’s what the room looks like empty (it echoes!) and the living room looks a LOT like an estate sale with the dining room contents in it. Oh, and I cleaned and caulked the marble.


One Response to “Carpet prep”

  1. Anonymous May 29, 2012 at 2:35 am #

    Thatlooks FABULOUS. WOW!

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