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Air B+B — who knew!

5 May

I saw a link to Air B+B in an Apartment Therapy post back in March. I had never heard of it before, but thought it seemed pretty cool. I’ve been a host with US Servas for several years (an international home stay group), but hardly ever get any visitors. I love being a hostess, and I’ve really enjoyed being a host and a traveler with Servas, so I thought I’d sign up to Air B+B and see what happened. (Another difference is that I pay to be a host with Servas and get no fee from travellers, but with Air B+B, people actually pay to stay in my house — crazy!).

I got an inquiry the SAME DAY I signed up, and have had people staying with me every weekend since I joined. I’ve got someone coming soon to stay for a week while she shops at Brimfield, and I have a gal staying for nearly the whole month of June while she works on installing an art project at the Springfield Museums (next to my house). It is soooo cool! I’ve met some great people and have already made over $500. It’s crazy! I never would have thought people would pay to stay in my house!

So now I’m contemplating taking out a home equity loan to finish the house renovations quickly. I would really like to put in a guest bathroom and I think if I had things finished up, I could charge a little more (though I really don’t want to gouge people — I charge $35 a night right now, which is about what I would pay to stay in some stranger’s house and share a bath), AND this is taxable income, so I think I can write off many home improvements as business expenses. I need to talk to a tax advisor and see exactly what the deal is.

It’s just astonishing. So dear readers, if you ever want to come and stay with me and the animals, here’s my listing: