Fence: Finished (finally!). Phew! (File under “eff”)

1 May

Ha! The fence painting is FINALLY finished. Here are a few final photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Okay, I’ll stop with the fs. And for all you members of Flaw Pointers International, the inside fence shots with the one brown and unpainted plank were taken before I painted the outside part of the fence and it’s all nice and blue now. So zip it.

I used Behr exterior satin paint and primer in one and it took 2.5 gallons. That was some thirsty wood! I had it mixed up in the Martha Stewart “Kerry Blue Terrier” color. Home Depot is no longer carrying her paint — why?? — but my local store had the display with her colors still up, so I swiped a couple of color charts for future reference. They’re such good colors. I wonder why they don’t carry her paint anymore. Oh well, I really like the Behr paint + primer for awful surfaces like brick walls and fences.

Next up in my adventures in outdoor sprucing up is the little hosta garden behind the fence. I have it piled up with broken crockery and accordian hose and am hoping someone will respond to my free ad on CL for all of that. If not, it goes in the trash on Thursday. The goal is to have the hosta area all clean and tidy this weekend.


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