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Dark Shadows Door Bell

2 Apr

Now that I’ve lived here for ten years, I figured I’d get a doorbell. When I first moved in, I did have one — a wireless one. My next door neighbor had the same model, and we always got each other’s rings. So I took it down and figured people would knock, Skunkie the dog would bark, and I’d hear ’em. That worked pretty well. Trixie is less of a barker, so I’ve missed a few people who have knocked when I’ve been out of earshot.

I got this spiffy wireless model “with chimes” at the Home Depot yesterday. It has two different rings for two bells — so one is at the bottom door and one at the top, and then I know where the person is by the chime.

It takes D batteries, and the only ones I had in the house were old. Like I moved them here old. Probably 15 years old. They still have a little juice in them, so the doorbell works, but it sounds like something out of Dark Shadows. It’s kind of groovy.

I had already installed the multi-chime buzzer and didn’t have an assistant for this recording session, so I’ve recorded — for your listening pleasure — the single chime pressed a few times. Cat screaming in the background is a bonus track.

DRAT — I can’t upload sound on my freegan version of WordPress. Oh well, you’ll just have to imagine how it sounds — or come and visit!