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Rug progress

1 Apr

I’ve been driven to distraction by the rug situation in the dining room. There’s a rug available locally that I quite like for $1500, but that’s way out of my budget. I also looked into wall to wall carpeting with a leopard motif and that is going to cost around $2000, so also too much. I happened to find myself at Home Depot today (getting a doorbell, among other things, which will make many people happy, since I often miss callers), and came across a GORGEOUS silk and wool rug in the clearance area. It was about 8×11, which I knew was too small for the dining room, but it was such a bargain and so beautiful that I brought it home anyway.

So there it sits, prettily. I’m going to sleep on it before I decide whether to keep it, but I really, really like it. And I’m thinking of getting one of the 12×15 bound carpet “rugs” that they sell at the Depot to install as a makeshift wall to wall because the floors in that room are really awful. I loooooove how light it makes the room. I think the black drapes look really drab and shoddy with the rug there and am thinking about replacing them with something creamy and white. I must be turning a corner in my decor taste, because I’ve never liked light and bright rooms before, but I’m really digging the lightness of this room.