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New lights for front entryway

23 Apr

I really liked my old front door lights, but they were disintegrating. They were probably 30-40 years old, which isn’t such a bad run for something electrical and outdoors. The electric part still worked fine, but the brass plate finish had all gone (and it was copper and zinc underneath — impossible to polish) and the decorative bottom finial (this possibly has a real name) on one had come off and couldn’t be re-attached.

One of the best/worst things about the Internet is how many choices there are. I went over to Home Depot and some local lighting places to see what they had in the outdoor lighting department, and really any number of those lights would have been just fine. But seeing as the Internet exists and I have access to it, I spent days (okay, weeks) frequently (okay, obsessively) searching for just the right light. The perfect is the enemy of the good enough, (next search is to have that translated into Latin and created as a family crest), so I finally got disgusted with myself and settled on these:

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They are Hinkley Trafalgar lights in Museum Finish. They are good enough. They’re not cast iron, just some sort of aluminum, but from afar they look iron-ish. Changing the bulbs may be a bit fiddly, because there is a little screw cap to remove, but it should be okay. If I had seen them in a store rather than on the Internet, I might not have gotten them, but they’re there now. Also, a piece on the top of one was broken, but I wanted them up, so I just said basta.

The light looks yellow in the photo, but that’s the photo — I’m using ugly spiral bulbs in them, and think I’ll switch to either flickering gas-like bulbs or low watt yellows.

I was disappointed to see no gas line where the electricity came out — I had thought it had once been gas, but it seems not. Alas and alack.

So this is step one (step two if you count the planters with anti-theft mechanism installed) on stoop renovation. Step two (or three) is going before the Historical Commission to get my paint colors approved. A big palaver, but there we are.

Garden updates

18 Apr

Lest, dear reader, you think I’ve been twiddling my thumbs, please re-think. In addition to working three jobs (to pay for home projects), I’ve been fiendishly painting the garden fence and was able to complete the inside portion on Patriot’s Day (hooray for Massachusetts with its million paid holidays!). Feast your eyes:

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I have also received the lights that will go on the stoop, but need some help installing them, so the projects are flying fast and furious around here. I’m laboring under the belief that all the work I do to the house will be tax deductible now that I’m earning money as an host. Let’s see…..

Happy Easter

8 Apr

Happy Easter Everybody!

Easter Boston Bunny

Easter Boston Bunny


Fence painting progress

7 Apr

I got one more section of the fence painted today, spray painted the arm chair (bought for $5.00 at a flea market) “Sunny Yellow”, and broke a planter and a glass, plus cut my finger. Pretty good day all around !


Dark Shadows Door Bell

2 Apr

Now that I’ve lived here for ten years, I figured I’d get a doorbell. When I first moved in, I did have one — a wireless one. My next door neighbor had the same model, and we always got each other’s rings. So I took it down and figured people would knock, Skunkie the dog would bark, and I’d hear ’em. That worked pretty well. Trixie is less of a barker, so I’ve missed a few people who have knocked when I’ve been out of earshot.

I got this spiffy wireless model “with chimes” at the Home Depot yesterday. It has two different rings for two bells — so one is at the bottom door and one at the top, and then I know where the person is by the chime.

It takes D batteries, and the only ones I had in the house were old. Like I moved them here old. Probably 15 years old. They still have a little juice in them, so the doorbell works, but it sounds like something out of Dark Shadows. It’s kind of groovy.

I had already installed the multi-chime buzzer and didn’t have an assistant for this recording session, so I’ve recorded — for your listening pleasure — the single chime pressed a few times. Cat screaming in the background is a bonus track.

DRAT — I can’t upload sound on my freegan version of WordPress. Oh well, you’ll just have to imagine how it sounds — or come and visit!

Rug progress

1 Apr

I’ve been driven to distraction by the rug situation in the dining room. There’s a rug available locally that I quite like for $1500, but that’s way out of my budget. I also looked into wall to wall carpeting with a leopard motif and that is going to cost around $2000, so also too much. I happened to find myself at Home Depot today (getting a doorbell, among other things, which will make many people happy, since I often miss callers), and came across a GORGEOUS silk and wool rug in the clearance area. It was about 8×11, which I knew was too small for the dining room, but it was such a bargain and so beautiful that I brought it home anyway.

So there it sits, prettily. I’m going to sleep on it before I decide whether to keep it, but I really, really like it. And I’m thinking of getting one of the 12×15 bound carpet “rugs” that they sell at the Depot to install as a makeshift wall to wall because the floors in that room are really awful. I loooooove how light it makes the room. I think the black drapes look really drab and shoddy with the rug there and am thinking about replacing them with something creamy and white. I must be turning a corner in my decor taste, because I’ve never liked light and bright rooms before, but I’m really digging the lightness of this room.