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Rain Delay

16 Mar

It’s rainy today, so no fence painting till tomorrow or possibly Sunday. Oh well. In other very exciting news, I’m putting my guest room up on AirBnB and they’re sending a professional photographer out to take photos! This means I have to get everything spic and span before she arrives, so fence painting may be delayed until next weekend. Does anyone out there have experience with AirBnB? I just started my listing last night and I’ve already had one inquiry. Yikes — I didn’t think anyone would respond that quickly. The rooms I’ve seen seem really expensive — I’m listing mine at what I’d like to pay if I was staying in someone’s home. We’ll see… I’d love to hear firsthand experiences of it.

Garden painting project: Before

14 Mar

My back garden is a MESS. It’s in its usual March state of pre-blooming drabness. Stray potato chip bags, cigarette wrappers and peanuts (from the squirrels) are twined in with the plants. Buds are beginning to show. And thanks to Global Warming, it’s been 70 degrees for the past few days (luv ya global warming!). So…. it’s a perfect time to paint! I’m hoping to hop over to Home Depot tomorrow after work and buy all the needed items. I’m going to paint the fence Kerry Blue Terrier (a Martha Stewart color) and get some nice greeney color for the rusted wrought iron couch and chair. I think I’ll go with the dark navy blue that I’m planning to use on the stoop for the storm door, and I’m planning to strip the kitchen door and see if I can leave it as bare wood or not.

So, please enjoy these “before” photos. If it doesn’t rain, I’ll spend St. Patrick’s Day weekend painting up the garden before it erupts into bloom!


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It’s official. I’m not a hipster.

11 Mar

First of all, I’m fat, so that probably disqualifies me right off the bat.

I also realized this week that I don’t want to knit (or crochet) and I don’t want to grow my own food, engage in composting, or do canning. These are all very worthy pursuits, and made a lot of sense back in the good old days (q.v. Victorian Farm) and probably still do if you live out in the wilderness and have to do all of this stuff to get by. I, however, live in a city in the 21st century and have firmly decided that I prefer decorative needle work (fancy needlepoint) and decorative gardening (pretty roses) to homespun crafts and turnips (I hate turnips).

I made the miscalculation of dropping in to a needlry workshop at my local library today and it was like something out of Portlandia (which I’ve only seen one clip of, but I know these people, so I don’t know that I have to see the show). Very enthusiastic about crocheting. Very eager to get me to go buy a crochet hook and yarn so I, too, can start crocheting. There are no babies in my life in need of blankets. I have a perfectly good duvet cover (that I bought at Savers for $4 in about five minutes). I have a lovely machine-knitted cashmere scarf that I bought at TJ Maxx about twelve years ago that is nicer than anything I could ever make. I don’t need anything knitted or crocheted and I would just make a mess (plus I have a friend who is an accomplished knitter who gives me lovely handmade gifts for Christmas and my birthday every year).

And you know what? I can just go to the g.d. Farmer’s Market and have some self-righteous Harvard grad dig up a bunch of carrots for me or snip off a couple of tomatoes. I’m growing roses this year, so screw you all, hippies, I’m going patrician!

Here’s what my sad garden looks like by night photography. I’m planning to paint the fence a lovely greeny-bluey color called something like Kerry Skye Blue Terrier by Martha Stewart (at Home Depot). No, I’m not going to harvest sustainable local gemstones and then grind them into a pigment and mix them with flax seed oil to create my own paint. I’m going to the freakin’ Depot and buying some paint. So there!!!!

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Best Victorian TV Show EVER

9 Mar

I’ve just discovered “Victorian Farm” — a tv show about three people who restore a Victorian-era farm and farmhouse and live/work there for a year. FAAAAABULOUS! Everyone they encounter is dressed in period clothing and they’re exploring the cutting-edge 19th century farm technology, plus using older-fashioned tools. Coal burning galore (one of my favorite smells) and plaster, etc. Great historical/sociological info, plus design and decor things. It’s so cool. If you liked Frontier House, but prefer English Victorian stuff, you’ll love “Victorian Farm.”

Thrift store manifesting

4 Mar

It often happens that when I need (and also when I “need”) something and head out to a thrift store, that item happens to be there. A friend of mine calls this manifesting. I’d love to believe that I have magic powers, but if so, it’s sort of sad that they’re limited to making a vegetable peeler appear at Salvation Army. Maybe I need to do some Law of Attraction exercises from The Secret (TM) to move to a higher level of manifesting. Or maybe just some TM.

Well, whatever the cause, I was very happy to find the two things I wanted at the thrift store yesterday — a scale (much less happy about that one once I climbed onto it) and a vegetable peeler. Okay, there were probably ten vegetable peelers there and maybe it’s not such a stretch to find one. The scale was an Ikea model and I got it for $4.99. Just saw on their web site that they sell for $5.99, but since the nearest Ikea is an hour’s drive away, it saved me more than a buck.

I wish I could manifest the cats into cleaning the house, but even if my magical powers are limited to finding odds and ends at the thrift store, I’ll take it. Better that than NOT finding a 49 cent veg peeler when you really need one.