‘Lectricity Lesson Learned

28 Feb

It turns out that you can’t simply stick a pullchain onto an electric fixture and make it into a pull-chain-able one.

This is the time of year when I get extremely antsy to start doing projects around the house, but it’s still too cold to do anything that requires open windows or being outside, and I’m (as always) broke, so I look around for little things I can do to satisfy my home improvement bug.

So I thought I would change the hideous exposed light bulb in the third floor hallway and put in the lovely fixture (one of two matching ones) that I bought years ago on eBay. I took off the old one and thought I could just unscrew the pullchain part and swap it out in the other fixture. No such luck. I managed to destroy the original pullchain fixture, go without light for two days, and then have to buy another $2.99 pullchain-ey guy to replace the one I dismantled.

Lesson learned. I think the hall re-do (including electrical elements) will be a 2014 project (after Plumb-a-Thon 2013). Sigh. I hate to wait!!!!

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