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New rug in library

12 Feb

Finally, a post that is not solely about the pets (don’t worry, pets are included). I got this very lovely rug on CL today. It’s 14 feet by 9.2 feet, which happens to be a very harmonious fit for the library.

The plain wood floors looked good from a distance, but up close they were covered in marks (dog nails and me heaving furniture around). The floors in the house are all yellow pine, which is a soft wood, and they were never meant to be bare — the Victorians of my house’s era (1872) were big fans of wall to wall carpet. This was before the big “hygiene” phase.

So the rug is great, it makes the room a smidge warmer, and it’s very nice to walk on. Also cat and dog approved. So… yay! The first house “project” for 2012. One down, a gazillion to go.