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‘Lectricity Lesson Learned

28 Feb

It turns out that you can’t simply stick a pullchain onto an electric fixture and make it into a pull-chain-able one.

This is the time of year when I get extremely antsy to start doing projects around the house, but it’s still too cold to do anything that requires open windows or being outside, and I’m (as always) broke, so I look around for little things I can do to satisfy my home improvement bug.

So I thought I would change the hideous exposed light bulb in the third floor hallway and put in the lovely fixture (one of two matching ones) that I bought years ago on eBay. I took off the old one and thought I could just unscrew the pullchain part and swap it out in the other fixture. No such luck. I managed to destroy the original pullchain fixture, go without light for two days, and then have to buy another $2.99 pullchain-ey guy to replace the one I dismantled.

Lesson learned. I think the hall re-do (including electrical elements) will be a 2014 project (after Plumb-a-Thon 2013). Sigh. I hate to wait!!!!

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Wallpaper and rug in dining room

26 Feb

So I’ve just gotten a call back from my local carpet company — $2758.19 to install the Stanton Royal Dutch wall-to-wall carpet in the dining room with foam underpadding. Take off $150 if I do my own furniture moving (I would).That’s at a discounted rate of $6.45 per square foot.

I found the same carpet for $5.10 per square foot at another carpet store in Springfield (here, where I live), and also for $3.33 per square foot (plus a $200 delivery charge) online in Georgia.

So I think the bottom line is that I could get it done with padding/installed for about $1500 at the lowest. I think the w2w is going to look the best, but I don’t know that I have a spare $1500 hanging around. More thinking….. Why aren’t I rich?????

Rug — ugh!

23 Feb

I’ve wanted leopard print wall to wall carpet in my dining room for quite some time. After reading Design-Crisis blogger Erin’s post about her leopard rug situation, it got me thinking about rugs instead of carpet.

I even thought I could somehow stitch together two area rugs to cover the space, but I was severely lacking in geometry and brains when I thought that. Math is hard.

Here are some options:

Wall-to-wall Stanton Royal Dutch Serengeti carpet in Wild Root (about $2800 installed — gulp!)

8×11 wool leopard area rug ($400)

10×14 wool vaguely leopard, more like a giraffe rug ($615)

9×13 wool leopard rug ($600)

I’ve seen the same wall to wall carpet that I want at an online retailer for half the cost per square foot that it’s going for at my local place. The local place sent a very nice man out today to measure the room, so once I get my final price, I think I’ll ask them about price matching and see what my options are there.

I am also, however, considering re-joining Erin’s Team Multiple Oriental (TMO). I had an oriental rug in the dining room, but was fortunate enough to find someone from CL who wanted it after the late lamented Skunkie the dog had peed on it multiple times.



Dear CVS, I’m not who you think I am…

17 Feb

I got a mailer from CVS the other day that promised “Over $100 in valuable coupons just for you.” Great, I thought. Well, it turns out CVS has seriously misunderstood me — either that or someone else is using my ExtraValue card. The coupons were all for diabetes and incontinence products. I am very happy to report that I am neither diabetic nor incontinent.

I have bought the following items at CVS in the past few months: cashews (they have really good cashews), vitamin D-3 pills, hair dye, lipstick, toilet paper, and eggs (when they were on sale for 99cents). I don’t know how that adds up to someone who needs Depends and Glycerna, but apparently it does.

The folks at CVS really need to tweak their algorithm. I would have loved “over $100 in coupons” on any or all of the things that I really buy there (especially those cashews!). What’s the point of giving up all that personal shopping data if they don’t know how to interpret it? You’re falling down on the job, Big Brother.

Liz and Phil

16 Feb

Happy Diamond Jubilee, QE2! <from:>

Isn't this sweet? The Queen and Prince Philip, then and now.

Isn't this sweet? The Queen and Prince Philip, then and now.

Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb


Happy Valentine’s Day from Trixie and the Boston Rescue of Canada

New rug in library

12 Feb

Finally, a post that is not solely about the pets (don’t worry, pets are included). I got this very lovely rug on CL today. It’s 14 feet by 9.2 feet, which happens to be a very harmonious fit for the library.

The plain wood floors looked good from a distance, but up close they were covered in marks (dog nails and me heaving furniture around). The floors in the house are all yellow pine, which is a soft wood, and they were never meant to be bare — the Victorians of my house’s era (1872) were big fans of wall to wall carpet. This was before the big “hygiene” phase.

So the rug is great, it makes the room a smidge warmer, and it’s very nice to walk on. Also cat and dog approved. So… yay! The first house “project” for 2012. One down, a gazillion to go.