2011 Wrap-up

8 Jan

When I moved into this house in February 2002, my plan was to work like crazy to remodel the whole house by 2012 and then live comfortably in a fully-renovated home. Well, the best laid plans and so forth.

I started Townhouse Turnaround in December 2008 to document my home renovations (and distract myself from an awful break-up, but that’s another story), as a way to make the renovation progress evident, even though the ten-year timeline needs to be slightly extended.

So here’s what got done in 2011:


  • Picked up a toilet, sink, and bathtub — all FREE — for the future guest bathroom
  • Rewired, cleaned, lacquered, and re-installed the ginormous brass chandelier in the hallway (with help from friends Jim and Rob)
  • Got a gorgeous blue velvet sofa for the library (replacing one destroyed by Skunkie, r.i.p.)
  • Got a gorgeous olive leather couch and two velvet chairs for the living room (see above)
  • Dyed green sofa cushion purple (in kitchen)
  • Stripped and refinished the pocket doors (between living room and dining room)
  • Sewed a couple of little curtains to hide open shelving (in kitchen and living room and hallway)
  • Fixed up the guest room closet

So maybe not a gazillion things, but progress nonetheless. And if I hadn’t photographed and written about these things for the blog, I would have forgotten all about them and been discouraged about doing nothing.


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