Crazy snow, wonderful neighbors

30 Oct

Well, there was a freak October snow storm yesterday. The heavy snow and ice knocked down several trees on my street — the only damage (so far) was one car window. It was kind of miraculous because probably a dozen trees were damaged, but they missed cars and houses. A couple of cast iron fences (including my own) were damaged, but nothing serious.

A crew of us — mostly middle aged — went out there and cleared the street. One neighbor had a chain saw, some had hand saws, and we all had our brute strength. We got tree limbs out of the street, chopped up, and stacked neatly — ready for the city to come (or not) and haul it away. We figured we’d do it ourselves and do it more quickly, plus save the city crews for people who were in worse shape.

Here are some of the before photos from this morning:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am so lucky to live in a neighborhood with such great people — it was so nice being out there all helping together. And we’re all lucky to live in a neighborhood with underground electricity. 63% of the people in Springfield don’t have electricity and may have to wait DAYS before it’s restored.

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