29 Oct

Tomorrow marks the two week anniversary of the arrival of Trixie, the Boston Terrier, to my little household.

She is a very funny little dog. The cats have accepted her and everyone sleeps together in a big fur pile. The three of them migrate from room to room, snorting and snorkling. They are quite ridiculous together.

Trixie is an absolute delight — she is just a slip of a thing (24 lbs) so I can pick her up as needed, she is extremely housebroken, well-behaved, and eager to please. She does not bark (except yesterday when I turned the heat on, she did bark at the banging steam pipes, which was just cute) and she loves to meet people, dogs, and cats, and is so good on the leash. Plus I get to dress her up in foolish outfits so she doesn’t get too cold.

I wish she and Skunkie could have been bffs. It’s so nice to have a doggie presence in the house again — she’s a perfect fit!

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One Response to “Trixification”

  1. Pet Sitter Diaries - Pacific Tales October 30, 2011 at 1:54 am #

    She is adorable…congrats!!

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