Happy chair

5 Sep

Ever since I got rid of that enormous sectional couch in the living room (parlor, PARLOR), I’ve been on the lookout for a chair. While the new-to-me leather couch is very comfortable, it would be nice for guests to sit somewhere. I looked high and I looked low. I bid $25 on a chair on ebay and lost by a buck. Finally, yesterday, I found a lovely green velvet chair at Savers for…. $14.99. I thought it was also half-price, but no such luck. The chair is very popular with quadrupeds and bipeds alike. That big bleached-out area where one rests one’s head is much less pronounced in person. Previous owner must have been a bottle blonde! It’s quite lovely, quite sturdy, and quite comfy, and just the right size — the room feels complete now, and not cramped.

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Claudette (aka Braveheart) was the first to leap up on the new chair and have a wash and a nap. Jerome and Skunkie were napping on the couch together and the flash of the camera must have awakened Skunkie from her deep sleep, so as soon as Claudette decamped, she climbed up on the new chair. Not one to be left alone, Jerome soon explored the back of the chair, but quickly got bored and left Skunkie there to sleep in peace (with her cleverly elevated snout, easing her megaesophagus).


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