Little tiny project

23 Aug

I have a stereo cabinet in the living room that has great sentimental value to me. It was my parents’ and I can remember pulling record albums out to play and sing along to when I was a kid. The records are gone, the record player is gone, but the little blue cabinet remains.

In an attempt to bring it up to 20th century standards (21st would be al di la’ for me), I knocked some of the album separators out and put my CD holder in there. It was sort of unsightly. I kept thinking I’d put a curtain in there, but never got around to it…. until today.

Got some great marked-down fabric at Osgood’s ($6.00), a piece of fabulous pom-pom fringe — without which no project should be — ($6.00 with more left over for cat toys), a wooden dowel and two cup hooks ($1.98), so let’s call it $15.00 with tax and driving time. It took about half an hour to drill the holes, get the cat to press the wrinkles out, do the sewing and hot glue gun the pom-poms to the top. Et voila’ — a rather elegant way to hide my unsightly (and protruding) CDs. Yay!!!

You may note that there is a big empty area in the living room. I’ve got my eyes peeled for an inexpensive (ideally, free) chair that I can reupholster in a wonderful flamestitch fabric upon which I have my eye on ebay. Nature hates a vacuum.

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