Couch coup, too

11 Aug

I found another fabulous couch on Craigslist. Oh, Craigslist, I love you and your wonderful finds!

This is a leather couch circa 1958 from the now-defunct but once famous (and unknown to me) Paine’s Furniture of Boston. The fellow I bought it from said it had been his parents’ couch and the kids were forbidden to jump on it upon pain of banishment. It’s in remarkable condition for its age, and is sooooooo comfortable. Like the Henrendon one, this quality couch makes its superiority known upon first sit.

It’s an olivish-brownish color, but the flash and the dark living room make it hard to get a true color. I got rid of the microfiber sectional I’d had in there, and the room feels ten times bigger. Moved some rugs around too.

The couch gets the “Good Skunksleeping Seal of Approval” (TM).


One Response to “Couch coup, too”

  1. little augury August 11, 2011 at 10:05 am #

    what a great find-the couch and the DOG! good to see the elder statesman getting his due. pgt

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